Here are some testimonials from our wonderful residents.

To whom it may concern:

What makes this a great place to stay is the empathetic staff. Everyone I have met so far has been very pleasant, helpful, and at times they have gone out of their way to make things easier for me. I arrived here late and tired after a long drive (325 kilometers) too late for lunch but one of the servers found some lunch for me. I didn’t have a lunch ticket…. no problem the front desk said your Mom can come and sign later. This made me feel good and really got my visit off to a good start.

The servers here are very friendly, they make you feel comfortable, relaxed and right at home . They have given me extras when I asked if it was possible. The cleaning lady asked if we wanted for her to come back later assuming I wanted to spend time with my Mom. So she came back during mealtime when we were gone. Just a little thing but you realize that people here really care for you as a person above and beyond the call of duty.

The nursing staff and the persons who deliver the pills at night are quite pleasant and very extra friendly with my Mom. They help her change her bandages on her le which she can’t do herself. Put ointment on the nails on her foo which is very hard for her to reach which make here feel special and cared for. My Mom appreciates all this extra attention and that people really care about her well-being.

I have only been here a few times so far but I really like this place and my Mom is so very happy here. Much happier than she was before. The staff here does more than they really have too. .It’s not just a job for them they really want to help,This is what makes all the difference in the world. You can train someone to do a job but you can’t train them to be just naturally nice and helpful and make extra time for people not because they have to but because they want too..

The new general manager has an open door policy. She encourages people to stop by and tell her what they think and feel which I think is great.

My Mom moved here a short time ago so she would be nearer my sister and her family, she wasn’t getting as many visits in Kingston because of the long travelling distance and time back and forth.
I quite honestly can’t even think of anything at all bad to say about this place. I am impressed.

Rod Southam son of Merle Southam suite 513

“I would to take this opportunity to thank the management and staff of Riverview Height for their compassionate and professional TEAM work in caring for my mother. Mom was very skeptical of life at Riverview Heights. Her life living alone in Ottawa was lonely and unsafe, suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s.

With our gentle nudging Mom decided to give Riverview Heights a chance. Mom’s first week living there was complicated with many small issues that seemed insurmountable to her and she wanted to leave many times. Her fears and tears were gut wrenching to us, but with the help of the Riverview’s compassionate staff working as a team, all the issues seem to melt away. At the end of the week I decided it was safe to go back home to Newfoundland. Only 3 weeks later I got a call from mom and her voice was so clear and cheerful. She told me the she was so happy at Riverview Heights now because the staff had made life so much more enjoyable because her meds were administered correctly and on time, the food was excellent, she enjoys the regular socials with live music and the people there were so nice to her.

Wow wow wow what a turn around from just weeks earlier. Mom said that she felt very much at home here and I shouldn’t worry about her any more. The following week I got another call from her about all the visits she had from old friends and how much she enjoyed interacting with people at the home, and the outings to the mall and down town and she said I feel at peace now, and said thank you to us so much for helping her to find the right home to live. Thank you so much to all the staff for helping mom feel part of a real community and bolstering her sense of worth. Mom’s new lifestyle has given us a beautiful gift. Thank you, Riverview Heights”.

~ Michael Dawe, Son of Dolores Dawe

“My dad moved into Riverview 4 1/2 years ago from Edmonton, all the staff from housekeeping up have been most welcoming and attentive. Was most definitely the right decision.
~ Deborah Kruschinke, Daughter of Henry Stack

“It feels like home. I like the staff they are all so nice and friendly. I like the new friends I have made here. I moved in to Riverview from the hospital because my family and I felt this was the best place for me”.
~ Florence Brose – Resident

“I moved here to be close to my wife in Long Term Care. I like the comforts & food. The people are all so nice”.
~ Larry Soucy – Resident

“My child suggested I live here and it has given me a place to live independently. I like the company of people, the rooms and entertainment”.
~ Marjorie Turcotte – Resident

“I was delighted when my sister moved to Riverview because its a well-built building, lots of beautiful spaces, lovely pastoral setting by the front with river views. Its a very peaceful place with excellent nursing care and pleasant people. As renovations continue, we look forward to more activities and spaces for people to socialize”.
~  Melanie Achtenburg – Sister of Resident

A very friendly and Accommodating place! I would recommend it to anybody!

Loraine Murphy

I think its a lovely place to live! I think you can’t get a better place anywhere!

Don Johnson